Thank you for visiting our webpage.  New Hope Christian Ministries is an independent, non-profit ministry that is not affiliated with any church or denomination.  New Hope Christian Ministries conducts regular bible classes, operates Study His Word radio ministry, and provides seminars, bible classes, and revivals at other churchs and facilities.  The Mission of New Hope Christian Ministries is the clear teaching of Gods word, rightly divided, period! "2nd Timothy 2:15" 

Our Mission

Our Mission is not to take believers from there current church, but to provide clear teaching that better equips believers to support their church and family. 

With a deeper understanding and knowlege of Gods word we strenghen our relationship with God and become more effective in the process.

Bible Study


Study His Word bible studies, are held on Sunday evenings.  This makes them convienent for many people who attend a church that does not have Sunday evening services.  These Studies are approximately one hour long.  For more information regarding our location and current schedule visit our bible Studies tab at the top of this page.

Radio Broadcast

 WHKC 91.5 FM Columbus, Ohio

New Hope Christian Ministries would like to invite you to listen to our Saturday morning radio broadcast.  The Broadcast can be heard starting at 10:30 AM EST. and will broadcast for 30 minutes. This is an oppurtunity for you to hear our teachings from the past years.  The teaching includes topical issues, Q & A, and complete teaching on various books of the bible including our most recent teaching from the book of Ephesians.  These messages can also be found by going to our Audio tab at the top of this page and selecting one of the choices that best meets your needs i.e. RSS Feed, Radio Broadast or CD. 

To contact us, go to the about us tab at the top of the page and choose contact us from the drop down menu.

News Up Date about break in and theift: 

Due to a break in and theft of some of our audio equipment the last 2 epeisodes of Titus will be recorded and broadcast at a later date.  Until we replace the equipment, we will begin broadcasting our complete study on Ephesians, which we had intended to broadcast after our Titus study was completed.  Upon completion of the Ephesian Study we will broadcast the final messages on Titus.  If you would like to hear the Titus messages as soon as they are completed feel free to watch our RSS feed on our website for the upload as soon as they are available.  

As of January 20th we are half way to replacing our equipment.  We are still short approximately $400.  We hope to have all equipment replaced by the end of February. 

If our radio broadcast have been beneficial to you and you would like to help us replace our equipment, donations may be sent to New Hope Christian Ministries, Box 351, Mt. Gilead Ohio, 43338.

We thank you for your support and prayers