Thank you for visiting our webpage.  New Hope Christian Ministries is an independent, non-profit ministry that is not affiliated with any church or denomination.  New Hope Christian Ministries conducts regular bible classes, operates Study His Word radio ministry, and provides seminars, bible classes, and revivals at other churchs and facilities.  The Mission of New Hope Christian Ministries is the clear teaching of Gods word, rightly divided, period! "2nd Timothy 2:15" 

Who We Are

Our Mission is to provide clear Bible teaching that better equips believers to support their churches and families

With a deeper understanding and knowlege of Gods word we can strenghen our relationship with God and become more effective, and productive members of the body of Christ.

We offer verse by verse expository Bible teaching in different formats for the purpose of individual study and group study.   We have studies that cover complete books of the Bible and studies that cover various topical issues.

On this website you will find that we provide many different audio formats for your convenience.  You can listen online, download the mp3 with your favorite podcast downloader, subscribe to our podcast on Itunes, or googleplay music.  You can also request individual studies on CD and complete book studies on thumbdrive. 

In the furture we will offer complete outlines for use in individual or small group studies.  

Support Our Ministry

New Hope Christian Ministries is a not for profit ministry that is able to operate because of the generous donations from local churches and through the donations recieved from listners like you.  If you would like to donate please make your check payable to New Hope Christian Ministries, P.O. Box 351, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338.  We will have an option to donate online coming soon.